Pg 50 Art Spaces Redefining Florida’s Visual Art Experience

Many institutions in Florida are growing to meet new demand, and we have chosen to showcase three that indicate a hunger for fine art is starting to be satiated. Norton Museum of Art, Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) Miami, and Bass Museum of Art are different venues with different missions. What they all have in common is a sense of the importance of outreach, bringing art to a greater community than ever before. They also have dynamic new plans for architecture that sizzles and creates a sense of excitement about art that cities need. The so-called “Bilbao effect,” where the architecture itself becomes the art, with the city as gallery­—takes the audience to a new level of thinking about art’s place. When you mix this fine art with the some great fashion, you have a place of wonder. Couples that come together in their fashion is a marvelous way to enjoy the dynamic styles of art here. We like to see couples visit these places in a matching style of clothing that also compliments the art work.   Click HERE to read all about it in the Spring edition of On View Magazine.

Pg 34 Will Cotton Steve Lotz

Orlando Museum of Art simultaneously presents “The InFlux Series: Will Cotton” and “The Sources: Paintings and Drawings by Steve Lotz,” featuring Will Cotton’s seductive imagery composed of sugary delights and Steve Lotz’s dream-like visions of transcendent metaphysical realms. Will Cotton’s paintings depict astonishing worlds in which beautiful women are surrounded by and adorned with an abundance of sugary desserts. These appear to be utopian realms where all desires are indulged without guilt or consequence. The vivid and flawless naturalism of Cotton’s painting makes these imaginary worlds all the more remote from the pedestrian realities of everyday life. Steve Lotz, who is one of the most significant artists living in Central Florida, has created a rich visual vocabulary of organic and figurative forms, symbols, and “Sources” from his inner life. His works are expressions of his spiritual connections to the world, to nature, and to the cosmos.

Recent Works From Shaun Hall

Shawn Hall is a New Orleans-based interdisciplinary visual artist/painter who views her practice as an act of participation in the biological world through intuition and action. As a visual artist, she observes and imagines the natural world in its various facets, often from an up-close and even microscopic point of view. Working from the premise that everything is an event in nature—her field work, her painting, her walking, her breathing—everything connects her to the larger world. To Shawn, what exists in this world within and without us is teaming with biological drama that we are just a small part of. To a large extent, her work is a kind of homage to this fact. Armory Art Center in Palm Beach will be hosting the exhibition, “Shawn Hall: Recent Works,” showcasing a selection of the artist’s most recent 2D works. Coinciding with this exhibition, Hall will create a site-specific installation, “Species Act,” with collaboration from the artists enrolled in her unique, four-day visiting master artist workshop, “Site Specific Installation: Visual Art and Environmental Awareness.” Visitors will be able to view both the exhibition and installation, which will be on view from April, 23 through May 14.