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Orlando Museum of Art simultaneously presents “The InFlux Series: Will Cotton” and “The Sources: Paintings and Drawings by Steve Lotz,” featuring Will Cotton’s seductive imagery composed of sugary delights and Steve Lotz’s dream-like visions of transcendent metaphysical realms.

Will Cotton’s paintings depict astonishing worlds in which beautiful women are surrounded by and adorned with an abundance of sugary desserts. These appear to be utopian realms where all desires are indulged without guilt or consequence. The vivid and flawless naturalism of Cotton’s painting makes these imaginary worlds all the more remote from the pedestrian realities of everyday life.

Steve Lotz, who is one of the most significant artists living in Central Florida, has created a rich visual vocabulary of organic and figurative forms, symbols, and “Sources” from his inner life. His works are expressions of his spiritual connections to the world, to nature, and to the cosmos.