In a stunning new exhibition, internationally renowned artist, Jose Alvarez (D.O.P.A.), has transformed four first-floor galleries of the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood into a site-specific, multi-sensory environment comprised of a rich potpourri of large-scale paintings, animations, wall murals, works on paper, photographs, sculpture, and archival TV performances.

The Venezuelan-born, Broward-based artist draws his inspiration from sources as wide-ranging as the materials he uses to create his works. These include scientific and cosmological theories, mathematical constructs, anthropological research, and visionary ritual practice. He transforms these abstract and elusive points of origin into real shapes, giving tangible form to intangible ideas, concepts, and beliefs. It’s a complex intersection of science, magic, and mysticism in a long, fleshed-out investigation of the fantastic and the philosophical. The exhibition is organized to show viewers the progression of ideas from sketch drawings to finished objects.

“New Times” described Alvarez’s imagery as being “so vibrant that it threatens to dance off the canvas.” The brilliant color palette employed in many of his works invites viewers to allow themselves—in the artist’s words—“to be transported to another world, another dimension, to a mesmerizing place of profound capacity for transformation, rebirth, and unimaginable possibilities.”